Author: Patty Vallance

Patty has been a stay-at-home mom of two children, who now are both university students. She has been volunteering for more than 25 years, and has received awards for projects on local, state and national levels – including for her work assisting families affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina. One of her projects was
named Top 10 in the country by the Paul Newman Foundation. Patty was part of the leadership team included on the cover of USA Today for "Make a Difference Day." She has volunteered for the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation for more than three years, providing administrative and development support and creating access to community resources for firefighters and their families. She has a background in marketing, fund raising and social action. In 2012, Patty was honored by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, and named one of 13 Extraordinary Women for Women’s Philanthropy. This is her first book.

Editor: Bryn Bailer

Bryn is an award-winning journalist who writes about police officers, firefighters, and their jobs. A journalist mostly writes stories for grown-ups to read. Her stories have been published in many newspapers and magazines across the United States. Bryn also worked as a journalist in Prague, Czech Republic. Bryn works for the police department in a really big city. Her job is to answer the phone when people call for help. (That is where she learned a thing or two about 9-1-1 and how much trouble people can get themselves in.)

Illustrator: Veronika Devyatiyarova

Veronika is a young Russian artist living in Finland. Drawing and coloring beautiful pictures is her love and passion. She goes to school at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She is the lead artist for a company that makes video games. She also does artwork for board games, greeting cards, and in books and magazines around the world. More of her beautiful pictures are at www.MupsuS.com

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